Success Stories


“It has made a huge, huge difference. It’s so great not to interrupt my partner. On the first usage there was a transformation. I’d tell others to look at the science. Look at the research. Look at the cost involved in trying so many things. The device does not cost hundreds of dollars. It’s less than $20 for two weeks. The sprays are $20 for each one and they don’t work, so it’s a cost factor. The entry price is so low that it’s worth giving it a try.”

Alex C. – London, UK

“Results for me were the first night. It stopped! It took me a day or two to get used to breathing with it, but now I wear it while I’m reading in bed and I hardly notice it is there. It really did make a difference. I have a pretty loud snore. That’s gone. It’s like a band aid on your nose. It’s absolutely amazing. For us it’s been huge.”

Jim W. – Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been using Theravent for three weeks and it’s working so well that I just ordered 2 more months. My husband says it’s working. The result for me is that my sleep feels more restful. I’m sleeping even better now because of the Theravent. I’m not waking myself up several times in a night. I wish I had invented it. I think it’s brilliant. Give it a shot. You really have nothing to lose.”

Suzanne G. – Milford, CT