What are the different sizes? Are there different sizes?

One size fits most. Zzoma has adjustable Velcro® straps (general guidelines: min 100 lbs to 350 lbs).

Can I return Zzoma?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product you may return it within 30 days of shipment to receive a full refund.

Are there different colors?

Zzoma only comes in black.

How do you roll from side to side?

Zzoma is a positioner worn on the back therefore by rolling on your stomach you can roll from side to side.

How do I wear Zzoma?

Using Zzoma couldn’t be easier. Simply open up the Velcro® straps, position the “backpack” so it’s at your back and the straps are across your chest, and then reattach the Velcro® straps. The straps are easy to adjust, so you can find the right fit for your body. The device works best when worn over a T-shirt and can fit up to a 55-inch chest.

I am rolling around in Zzoma.  It is coming off at night.

You may be wearing Zzoma too low on your body: try wearing it right under your arms.  The higher up on your body the more effective it will be.  Additionally, try tightening the straps.  The side elastics will allow for easy breathing at night.

Is Zzoma comfortable?

Zzoma is very comfortable.  It is made of semi-rigid foam which allows sturdiness without discomfort.  Wearing Zzoma is like getting use to a new bed or pillow.

How long does it take for me to get use to sleeping with Zzoma?

Generally takes 2 weeks for patients to become accustomed to Zzoma.  However, your adjustment period will depend your previous sleeping habits.  If you were a frequent supine sleeper it will take longer for you to adjust to sleeping only on your side.  If you’ve always been comfortable sleeping on your side you will become accustomed to Zzoma much quicker.

How is Zzoma different than other positioners in the market?

Zzoma was developed by sleep physicians and is the only FDA-cleared medical device for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea requiring a prescription. It was clinically proven to be equivalent to CPAP.

Is Zzoma right for me?

Only your sleep physician can recognize if your sleep apnea is positional. If your sleep apnea or snoring is purely supine then Zzoma is the right treatment for you.

Is Zzoma reimbursed by Medicare?

Zzoma has been assigned code E0190 which is not reimbursed by Medicare.

Is Zzoma reimbursed at all?

Some third party payers do reimburse for Zzoma under code E1399.

What is Zzoma made of?

Zzoma has a firm inner core made of foam. The outer part of the device is covered in nylon, and the part that touches your body is cotton covered with a coating of PVC dots that helps keep Zzoma in place while you sleep.

How do I clean my Zzoma?

To clean the outer fabric, simply unzip and then machine-wash it in cold water. The “Delicate” or “Hand Wash” setting is best.

Is this for the use of infants?


What if my sleep apnea symptoms continue?
You may not have purely positional sleep apnea and therefore should contact your sleep physician.

Is there a warranty?

Devices that wear and tear heavily within the first year of purchase are replaced by the manufacturer.