What is included

The Retimer is designed to realign your body clock to optimise sleep, assist shift workers, help frequent flyers or help you fight the winter blues.

We’ve included everything you need to get optimal use from your Retimer.

1 x Re-Timer light device

25 years of university research and 2 years of product development has resulted in the Retimer. Retimer was designed by sleep psychologists for use by the public. Retimer has the following features:

  • Fits over your reading glasses
  • Ergonomic and light weight design (just 75 grams or 2.64 ounces)
  • Folding arms for compact travelling
  • Soft glow for reading or computer work
  • Convenient rechargeable battery in the frame
  • USB connection for battery charging

1 x Premium embossed travel case

Protect your Retimer with this compact travel case. The case insert keeps your Retimer securely in place whilst the hard shell protects Retimer from the rigours of international travel. An essential accessory for frequent flyers, this case comes standard with each Retimer.

1 x USB recharging cable

Whilst the Retimer has 4 hours of battery life, we’ve included a USB recharging cable so you are never caught out. Simply plug this cord into your laptop

Frequent flyers calculator

Our website has a complimentary frequent flyer calculator. Simply enter your departure and arrival locations to receive your program on when to use Retimer to minimise the effects of jet lag.